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giving stories impact with engaging photos

Stories are better told with photos. Engaging photos add impact to any story.

Here I am, I’ve spent 13 years as a senior staff photographer for The Herald, its sister titles and magazines.

I love the outdoors and my passion is for creative exploration striving for the best possible results. 

I learned from shooting thousands of jobs over many years from portraits, fashion and politicians to crime scenes, architecture and still life that a great picture beats anything else at capturing someone’s attention and inspiring them to take action. 

The best way to create great photos is with experience, practice and planning mixed with the ability to engage, educate and entertain


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I have a science background so believe in peer review.  In other words don’t trust me just because I say it.  Here is what others say about me and my photography….

Jamie Simpson is an excellent photographer. He was a colleague of mine for many years and I have no hesitation in recommending him and his work

Magnus Llewellin

Editor, The Times, Scotland

Jamie was a top class photographer and valued colleague. Jamie knows exactly what images will stand the best chance of appearing in national newspapers and media websites and will work flexibly with clients to achieve their aims

Graeme Smith

former Editor of The Herald

Jamie puts people at ease, whenever I work with him there is an air of calm, there is never any panic, always a feeling we would get something from what we had in front of us. Jamie works away in the background, working out the shot, he doesn’t hurry people, or overly direct them, or ‘persuade’ them to do something daft or something they might not be comfortable with. There is always a sense Jamie is on their side, getting the best shot to show them in a good light, while at the same time getting an excellent image. Jamie doesn’t take longer than he needs and always has an angle or a filter or a prop or something to set a picture apart from what others are capturing. Jamie is always polite and always thanks those he photographs. 

Suzanne Rough

Media Officer Glasgow Life

If you need a photographer who is creative, knows what will work and, more importantly, knows what picture desks are looking for then I can’t think of anyone with more experience. During his time at the Herald and Times, Jamie did numerous jobs at Glasgow Airport and his work was always excellent. He makes people feel relaxed and he takes his time in setting up a shot, both of which result in great photographs

Brian McLean

Director of Communications and Sustainability, AGS Airports

Jamie Simpson is a true professional who completely understands the art of photography. As a journalist I worked with Jamie on many stories and he added a dimension to the tale that I could never do through words alone.
His photographs tell the story and they draw you in, they are impactful. He understands his subject and is a complete professional. His art form is a rarity and for that reason his photographs will only ever be unique.

Stacey Mullen

Assistant Editor Glasgow Times

Jamie has a wealth of experience shooting cover features and fashion for our magazines and continually delivered photographic work with high production values meeting the standards expected of these prestigious titles.

Craig Alexander

Group Multimedia Editor Herald & Times Group

Jamie is a great story-teller.
In all the years I have worked with him, he always gets the job right.
Why? Because be understands the story. And he knows how to tell it in images.
Like all the best photo-journalists, Jamie can capture the moment, the mood or the scene of news. But he also does it with flair, when the routine becomes remarkable. His pictures are not just “cut out and keep”, they are often art works you could hang on your wall. He can do a magazine cover, a “snatch” of a criminal or a portrait of a business leader, often all in the course of a single morning.
He is versatile, amiable (an essential trait in a photographer, in my opinion) and dependable. He has thrived in a very demanding environment and not compromised on quality. I can’t recommend him enough.

David Leask

Freelance Journalist and former Chief Reporter of the Herald


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As a newspaper staff photographer I had to be able to turn my hand to anything that the titles required but my passion is engaging, high quality and fun portraits used to inform and educate around any story.  I am also a road cyclist so anything involving bike and I’ll be there 

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