Jamie Simpson is a unit stills photographer based in Scotland.

His film & tv images have been used in interantional marketing campaigns around the world to bring film maker’s stories to new audiences.  

His photography is rooted in story telling with skills honed over 15 years as a staff photographer at the Herald where he worked with Scotland’s top writers, journalists, designers and editors to tell and create stories using engaging, powerful and innovative photography.  

He was tempted to tell you in intimate details how he got to this point, then realised that might take away some of the magic and mystery.

So to keep it short and sweet – he lives to take pictures, owns some cameras and his clients include:

Netflix, BBC, Channel 4, UKTV, Brtibox, RE:TV and too many publications to mention and countless corporate clients.    


Jamie is a problem solver who keys himself into the story, the cast and the ambition of the whole project.  Always professional and looking for creative ways to sell the story and the production.

AJ Riach

Executive Producer Princess Switch 3

Jamie was super professional on set and every day with a very positive and uplifting energy.  

It was very clear Jamie wanted to take the best pictures possible and was patient with the set ups and confident in asking and moving in to take solid stills.  We loved having him and would highly recommend him to others in the industry!

Moyo Akandé

Producer A.V. Van

Jamie worked hard to earn the trust of the crew and cast enabling him to capture the action and mood of episodic scenes, as well as creating iconic publicity shots for the drama that will get more people watching.  His photographs are beautifully composed and always sell the story.

Eric Coulter

Producer The Control Room