Jamie was first handed a camera by his father aged eight and it’s rarely left his hand since.

After studying physics and astronomy at the University of Glasgow Jamie decided to pursue his passion and become a professional photographer.

After several years freelancing Jamie was taken on as a staff photographer with the Herald newspaper.  Over the next 15 years Jamie established himself as an important member of the photographic team.  Specialising in portrait, fashion and magazine features growing a reputation for exceptional standards of photography that engaged readers in important stories and key events over more than a decade.

Easy to work with and always delivering beyond expectations Jamie has earned the trust of everyone he works with.

Jamie left the Herald in 2020 and is now pursuing a career as unit stills photographer in Scotland having just completed his first major Netflix production providing stills and EPK content to market the film.


Jamie Simpson is an excellent photographer. He was a colleague of mine for many years and I have no hesitation in recommending him and his work

Magnus Llewellin

Editor, The Times, Scotland

Jamie Simpson is a true professional who completely understands the art of photography. As a journalist I worked with Jamie on many stories and he added a dimension to the tale that I could never do through words alone.
His photographs tell the story and they draw you in, they are impactful. He understands his subject and is a complete professional. His art form is a rarity and for that reason his photographs will only ever be unique.

Stacey Mullen

Assistant Editor Glasgow Times

Jamie has a wealth of experience shooting cover features and fashion for our magazines and continually delivered photographic work with high production values meeting the standards expected of these prestigious titles.

Craig Alexander

Group Multimedia Editor Herald & Times Group